Sunday, March 30, 2014

Praise for the strengthening of marriage

My March 29, 2014, article for the Grand Haven Tribune, Praise for the strengthening of marriage
Recently, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman struck down our state’s ban on gay marriage. 
Attorney General Bill Schuette has asked a federal appeals court to freeze Judge Friedman’s decision so that he can appeal the ruling, insisting that this ban was the will of 59 percent of voters when it was added to the state constitution in 2004. While no one can say for sure what the final result will be, I would be shocked if Attorney General Schuette won on appeal.

This case raises a key question about the nature of law and rights in our society. Does the majority have a right to enforce their views upon a minority? Was the decision made by over half of the voters in our state almost ten years ago a decision that should stand — or was it one that is in violation of our nation’s higher principles of justice as enshrined in the United States Constitution.
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